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Thyroid Support | 1 Body

Thyroid Support | 1 Body

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What Exactly Is The Thyroid Gland & Why Is It So Important?

It is a small butterfly-shaped organ found in the necks. It is responsible for producing hormones that play a key role in the body’s metabolism, growth & development, body temperature, brain functions, immunity, sleep, and many more. 

Its functions practically affect [both positively and negatively] nearly the entire human body.

Therefore, when the thyroid is functioning properly --- the body is more likely to do all these NATURALLY:

  • Clear brain fog and enhance overall brain function
  • Regulate weight gain/loss
  • Improve sleep quality and increase energy
  • Boost metabolism and reinforce immunity
  • Maintain skin and hair health
  • Relieve joint and muscle pain

--- and maybe even more…

But if it’s not working as it should --- then expect to experience any (one or more) of these:

  • Poor sleep quality
  • Uncontrollable weight gain/loss
  • Undue tiredness and fatigue
  • Difficulty concentrating & memory issues
  • Unhealthy skin and hair
  • Depression with no real reason
  • Irrational sensitivity to cold temperature
  • Frequent, unpleasant menstruation
  • Muscle aches

It may also cause symptoms that are often misdiagnosed such as thyroid headache, thyroid joint pain, and thyroid vertigo.

Who Are At Definite Risk Of Having Thyroid Problems & How To Manage (Or Even Prevent) It?

Millions of people all over the world --- men, women (5x more likely than men, especially after menopause), adults, infants, teenagers, and elderly, no exceptions are --- experiencing questionable symptoms that are caused by their malfunctioning thyroid gland, and more than half of them are not even aware of it.

Sure, Everyone Are Capable Of Boosting Their Thyroid Health, They Just Have To...

Be spot on with their diet, get enough quality sleep, and do regular exercise --- CONSISTENTLY

That’s it, easy. Everyone can do that, right? Except on the “consistently” part, which is the most important part of it all… and that’s where most people fall short on.

Maintaining such a strict lifestyle is near impossible to do nowadays, and that’s a FACT. A study (by the U.S. National Health and Nutrition Survey) has even discovered that 97.3% of American adults failed on their healthy lifestyle grades, which means that not even a full 3% are living healthy. And this may be correlated with what the American Thyroid Association has stated that 12% (around 20 Million) of Americans experience some form of thyroid problem throughout their lives.

Because when people are unhealthy, their thyroid suffers. And when their thyroid starts malfunctioning, their body goes out of order as well, thus… creating an endless cycle of unhealthiness. 

But, it doesn’t have to end like that. There are many ways to keep ourselves from being trapped in that unwanted cycle --- but we can only offer ONE.

High-quality vegan thyroid supplements that are expertly formulated to specifically help the thyroid gland function as effectively as possible.

However, not all thyroid enhancing supplements are created equal… SO...


#1 They May Contain Actual Thyroid Hormones

The problem with this is that our thyroid hormone should be precise for it to function properly --- adding actual hormones that can affect those levels erratically, which may cause serious health complications.

#2 They Might Have Included Glandulars/Organs From Cows

Though this rarely happens, ingesting such ingredients may cause problems, especially when the tissues/organs used came from an infected animal.

#3 They Contain TOO MUCH Iodine

The thyroid doesn’t need that much iodine to produce enough hormones, so getting too much of it will most likely make your thyroid gland go wild, which may cause several health problems such as sudden and questionable unhealthy weight loss and an erratic heart rate.


How Are 1 Body  Vegan Thyroid Supplements Different Then?

We, at 1 Body, know that most people have doubts in their minds regarding the credibility of such products --- and we understand that, in fact, we’d be surprised if you aren’t. After all, there are thousands of other products and brands just like us that make promising claims but simply never deliver.

However, to ensure that 1 Body Thyroid Support delivers all the benefits that you deserve, we made certain that all of our premium-grade supplements are:

  • 3rd-Party Tested Quality Raw Ingredients
  • Crafted by Modern Nutritional Science Experts
  • Manufactured under a cGMP Certified Facility
  • Made in the USA

We formulated these supplements with ONE goal in mind: To help boost the functions of your ONE and only BODY and ultimately to help you improve your quality of life.


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